Penny War Point System

Andrew School Families and Visitors,

We wanted to let you know of a last-minute fundraiser before the end of the year to raise money to help with our Spring Leadership Day project.  This year we are going to be working with Kids Against Hunger to make meals.  These meals will provide nutritious food to families in Jackson County as well as all across the world.  All funds raised will go toward this event.

The fundraiser we are organizing is a Penny War.  Each class will have a container set out during the music concert.  Classes will earn points for pennies and dollar bills that are placed in their class bucket.  Any silver coins in the class buckets deduct points from their class total.  The class with the most points by 9 AM on Tuesday, December 20th will get to pie Mr. Kirchhoff in the face.  So basically, you will want to put your pennies and dollars into your child’s container (for their class to earn points) and put any silver coins in all of the other bins (to deduct points from those bins.)

Thanks for your participation in this fundraiser.

Andrew Staff and Students