Andrew CSD Basketball and Gym Reservations

Attention Potential Andrew-area Youth Basketball Parents & Coaches: The 2020 - 2021 basketball season is near, which means that it is time to start forming teams and getting practices scheduled....


Zoom Meeting Recording Information

Parents and Guardians,We wanted to get this information out to you so the teachers that are doing online live sessions with students can get these videos on their Canvas pages. Like I stated in...


Fall SABERS Universal Screener

Parents and Guardians,Andrew School is getting ready to administer the SAEBRS Universal Screener once again to help students with their social, emotional, and behavioral needs. If you wish for...


Live Feed

Brandon Kirchhoff

Families, If you plan on sending a birthday celebration item to share, make sure the items are individually wrapped. This does exclude cupcakes and other items of this nature. If you have questions on what your child can or cannot bring please talk with your teacher.

about 14 hours ago | Brandon Kirchhoff
Lacey Ruden

6th Grade is learning about humidity, water vapor, and condensation! Nothing beats some hands on learning using magnetic marbles, straws and water to demonstrate all the many things that happen in a cloud! Lots of learning going on! view image

4 days ago | Lacey Ruden
Melissa Widel

We were artists tonight 🎨 view image

4 days ago | Melissa Widel
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