Food Pantry Needs

Andrew Food Pantry Food Drive

The students of Andrew School are teaming up with Andrew Lion’s Club to stock our “Andrew Little Pantries” with nonperishable BOXED food items that can be outside during the winter months.  A few ideas for boxed food items include: dry cereal, oatmeal, noodles, instant potatoes, jello, cake mixes, popcorn, granola bars, rice, crackers, ramen noodles etc.

  • Where: There are now 2 “Free Little Pantries” in Andrew.  The school maintains one near the Andrew Little Leaders Daycare.  The other one is maintained by the Andrew Lion’s Club and is located across from City Hall.

  • Why: There is a local need for FREE nonperishable boxed food items and personal care items.  

Please help us stock our pantry by bringing donated items to school from November 10th to November 17th.

We are also dropping off Cornelius bags at Andrew resident’s doors.  Please place this bag with your donated food items outside your door.  Also, please place the colored sign on the door so we won’t miss your donation.  Cash donations are also welcome.  Andrew students and Lion’s Club members will be picking up the bags the morning of Thursday, November 17th.  If you would prefer to drop off your donations, you can drop them off at the school or at the Andrew Cafe.  If you live in the country and would like to participate, feel free to come to the school to pick up a bag from the office.  If you have a child who attends the school, you can have them grab a bag as well.

If you have any questions please contact the school at 563.672.3221 or Connie Weirup at 563.672.3241.

Thank you for your support in feeding our community!!  

Andrew Staff/Students & Andrew Lion’s Club Members