2022 - 2023 Registration Information

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will be Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 9:00am - 6:00pm in the school conference room. We have decided to have registration in house to make the process of registering and paying fees easier.  You do have the option to pay online but remember you will be required to pay a transaction fee. You are more than welcome to pay with a check or cash on the day of registration.

The state will be charging for breakfast and lunch this year so please have a conversation with your student/students so they are aware of this change and you are not surprised with a larger than expected bill. With this being said, we are encouraging families to fill out the free and reduced meal application form even if you think you may not qualify.

If for some reason you can not attend registration during this time frame, we have included directions for you to use. 

Breakfast cost per student per day is - $1.50

Lunch cost per student per day is - $2.60

1 milk is included with student meals

 .35  per extra milk

If you qualify for free/reduced price meals your fee is 

reduced priced breakfast per student per day is - .30 

reduced priced lunch fee per student per day is - .40

If your student takes an extra milk, even though they are receiving free/reduced prices they will be charged the .35

Registration fee per student is - $45.00

If you qualify for free/reduced price meals your fee is $22.50

Band instrument rental is - $30.00

Band Lesson Book is - $10.00

Each student in grades 5-6 will show a charge for band instrument rental and a lesson book. 

If your student is not participating in Band/renting an instrument, skip this fee and we will remove it.

3 Year Old Preschool is - $100.00 per month

If you qualify for free/reduced priced meals - $50.00 per month

4 Year Old Preschool is  - free

Online Registration

Here are the steps to access the JMC Parent Portal:

1.  Go to our Andrew School District webpage at https://theandrewschool.onlinejmc.com/

2.  Click on the icon titled “Family”

3.  Make sure the school year is selected to 2022-2023

4.  Enter your username and password (Usernames are “parents” last name)

5.  Select “Log in”

6. Click on register for 2022-2023 (left side of page)

7. Click start/continue registration process.

9. Please complete all pages for each student. 

10. Once you have completed all pages you can then go to Lunch, Tuition / Fees.

Online JMC Lunch and Fees/Tuition

All online payments (Lunch, Tuition / Fees) will be done through JMC. However by choosing this option you will be responsible for paying a transaction fee. You are always welcome to stop in the school office to pay or mail payments to Andrew Community School, 13 S. Marion St. P.O. Box 230, Andrew, IA 52030.

Please go to the next page for instructions.

For Your Lunch Account:

  1. Click on “Lunch”

  2. Click on the blue button on top “To Make A Deposit”

  3. Enter how much you would like to deposit

  4. Enter your name

  5. Click Bank or Credit Card

  6. Enter information

  7. Enter the email address, you would like the receipt to be emailed to (You can opt to save your info, then you won’t have to enter it each time)

  8. Click “Submit” and you are done! 

Tuition and Fees:

  1. Click on “Tuition and Fees”

  2. Click on the blue button on top “Pay My Bill”

  3. You will get two options to choose from in the box labeled “Payment Type” You can choose “Balance” in which you will pay the entire amount or you can choose “Fee” in which you will select which fee you would like to pay. If you need to pay for more than one fee simply hold down the shift key and highlight the fees you wish to select.

  4. Click “OK”

  5. Now you are back to the payment screen

  6. Enter all information the same as you did for the lunch account

  7. Be sure to enter your email address so your receipt can be emailed to you

  8. Click “Submit”

  9. Congratulations you are done!

Free and Reduced Meal Application:

       1.     Go back to Register for the 22-23 school year tab

       2.     Click Meals Application

       3. Complete pages with all necessary information.

JMC’s Parent Portal:  In this portal, you will be able to view your students, lunch account balance, attendance information and more.  If you have access to the internet, we are encouraging you to take advantage of this to help your student(s) be as successful as possible in the coming school year. 

Andrew School website: https://www.andrew.k12.ia.us/  You can access the school calendar and the school supply list. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the main office at 563-672-3221 for assistance. 

We are looking forward to another wonderful school year with your student(s)!


Andrew Staff