A very important election is taking place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. There will be a question on the ballot asking residents to vote yes or no to reinstate our $1.34 Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). It is very important for residents to know that voting yes will not result in increased property taxes.

A yes vote will help to provide the funding our school needs for facilities, transportation, and technology for the next ten years. We currently have an urgent and major need to replace or repair our heating system. Our heating system runs off of boiler heat that is controlled by air pressure. We have many leaks in these air pressure lines that run to our thermostats that make it incredibly difficult to control temperature levels in our school. We have been continuing to put band-aids on the problem by purchasing equipment that quickly malfunctions due to the issues stemming from our faulty control system. These fixes are not long term solutions.

The good news is that we have received Covid-related funding that we can combine with money generated from PPEL to address our heating issues AND possibly add air conditioning and fresh air intakes into our school. In order to capitalize on this opportunity we are relying on Andrew families and residents to get to the polls and consider voting yes to reinstating the $1.34 PPEL.

We previously had this levy until 2016 when it expired. After it expired we replenished other critical funds in our district to get them to healthy levels. We are now in a great situation where we can reinstate the $1.34 PPEL without raising property taxes. 

Please share this information with friends and family in the Andrew School District and encourage them to get out to vote on this very important topic on November 2!