School Picture Day


In case you missed it in the Hawk Herald, school pictures are scheduled for Thursday, February 11th.  We wanted to make sure to get the information out to you, so you would not miss this opportunity.  We hope to get photo information sheets soon and send them home with your child.  

One thing that will be different than in the past is picture orders.  The photo company, Interstate Studio, is doing all picture ordering online.  The photo information sheet coming home soon should have the information on it to order pictures in advance.  There will also be a 2nd chance opportunity for families to order pictures that will come when the pictures are delivered (for families that may need more pictures or missed out on ordering the first time).  We will also be having a picture make-up day sometime in March.  

As in the past, we will have the children from Little Leaders come over to get their pictures taken.  They will also have the opportunity to purchase pictures just like the students at the school.  

Also, any 3-year-old preschool students who attend class on Monday and Tuesday can come in any time from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM to get their pictures taken if you wish.

Below is an example of the traditional style pictures that will be taken.  As always, please call the school if you have any questions.


Andrew Staff