Financial Assistance During COVID-19

Parents and Community Members,

I wanted to share a couple of resources which may help your family during these hard times.  These resources are designated to help with utilities and rent if you qualify.  I hope these resources will be of assistance to some of you.

Currently, Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) is offering up to $2,000 towards utilities if they are at risk of disconnection due to COVID-19.  The deadline for this is November 20.  These monies will retro back.  Click here to apply.

Also, funds have been allocated to help renters and mortgage owners with their payments to avoid eviction/foreclosure.  This money will also retro.  The max for renters is $3,200 (up to 4 months of payments) and $3,600 (up to 2 months of payments).  IFA has let us know that the deadline for applications on this will be December 4.  This way IFA can process all the applications before December 30.  Click here to apply.

Andrew Staff