Return to Learn Updates: Transition to Traditional Model

Dear Andrew School Community,

Last week, the Andrew School Board approved the recommendation to return to our traditional model, effective November 16, 2020. The recommendation to the board was based on the following information:

> Changes/New info acquired since the hybrid decision was initially made

     - Significant reduction in the number of students participating in online learning

     - Minimal disruption to attendance following confirmed cases of Covid in school

     - New quarantine protocols that will reduce the need to quarantine large groups

> Input provided by school staff and administration

> Updated plans to meet the needs of online learners, students in quarantine, and students learning in-person

     - Families that are currently learning online that are not comfortable sending their children back to school will be provided three options:

  1. Enroll your child(ren) in a full virtual education program funded by Andrew CSD

  2. Opt into a dual enrollment program through Andrew CSD

  • Materials and school resources will be available to support instruction delivered by parent

  • Standardized assessments will be administered by school

   3. Opt into a homeschool program

  • No school materials or resources offered

  • Standardized assessments are optional

     - Students that are unable to attend school temporarily due to Covid-related issues throughout the 20-21 school year will receive educational support in the following manner:

  • Print materials will be made available by the child’s teachers for parents to pick up in the office

  • Chromebooks, workbooks, novels, and other learning resources will be made available as necessary

  • Standardized access to teachers via zoom calls, live streaming of small group instruction, etc. will be offered

  • The use of Canvas will be an option for students to receive and submit assignments and correspond with teachers during an extended absence

     - All students attending school in person will attend school for the full day in our traditional model.

  • Teachers will export Free-for-Teacher Canvas pages to our new district account

  • Students in all grades will continue to have experiences in the Canvas Learning Management System so that they remain familiar with the tool in the event that we need to transition to a virtual learning model this school year

Thank you to everyone for providing input into these decisions. There is certainly not a perfect solution to overcoming these challenges. We will continue to work together in the next couple of weeks to refine our plans to return to our traditional school day. We are eager to return to full days of teaching and learning with our students!

Andrew Administration