Dear Andrew Families,

At the August 10th School Board meeting the board approved starting our school year in the Hybrid Model.  This means school will go from 8:00-12:30 with a transportation opportunity at 12:30 for our students who normally ride the bus.  We will then be offering enrichment activities in the afternoon until 3:30 with transportation again being offered to those who normally ride the bus.

The decision to begin our school year in the hybrid model was a very difficult decision. We can assure you that we thoroughly explored all of our options and carefully considered input provided by all of our families. Anyone interested in learning more about the rationale of our decision can access the same information that was provided to our school board by clicking this link here.

One item that became evident at the school board meeting was the need for more information in order to see what LEAP will look like this year, or if it will be an item we can fiscally provide.  Therefore, teachers will be contacting you in the next couple of days to let you know they are your child’s teacher, as well as ask you the questions listed below. If you are working during the day and would prefer not to get a call, please send your child(ren)’s teacher(s) a message.

  1. Will your child(ren) be participating in online or face to face learning?

  2. If face to face, will they be leaving at 12:30 or stay until 3:30?

  3. If leaving at 12:30, will they be bus, walker, or parent pick up?

  4. If leaving at 3:30, are they bus, walker, parent pickup, or LEAP?

  5. If the School Board approves LEAP, will your child(ren) be attending LEAP?  

  6. If so, what day(s) will they be attending? 

    1. Monday- PE Games Galore

    2. Tuesday- Fun Zone (K-3) Walking Club (4-8)

    3. Wednesday-Bingo with Prizes

    4. Thursday- Parks

    5. Friday- Movie and popcorn

Another item we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is that we will NOT be having our Unpack the Backpack Event Night.  This was a night of meet and greet, catching up with past teachers, dropping off school supplies, and getting a little bite to eat.  Staff is very sad this night can’t take place, but understand in order to keep everyone safe, extra precautions such as this need to take place.  If you have concerns about getting your child’s supplies to school, please talk with your child’s teacher to arrange a plan to get them to school.  Otherwise, it is completely fine for them to come the first day of school with all supplies in hand.

Stay tuned for more information coming about new arrival and dismissal procedures.