Preschool Registration Letter

Parents and Guardians,

We are going to start accepting Preschool Registration Papers starting tomorrow (4/13/2020) at 7:30 AM.  However, due to COVID-19, we will not be accepting the papers in person.  Instead, we ask you either call the school (563-672-3221) or email the secretary, Carla Till (  By doing this, both platforms will timestamp when you left your message.  From there we will put students into the sections (morning or afternoon) in the order they were received.

In your phone or email message, please tell us your child's name and age, your name, which section is your preference (morning or afternoon), and a phone number to contact you back at. 

In case you don't have one yet, the preschool registration form is attached below.  These will be collected at a later date.  There is also some other paperwork that needs to be filled out that will be distributed out to you once school resumes.  For now, the only thing you need to do to reserve your spot is to call the school or email Carla starting tomorrow at 7:30 AM!!  


Andrew Administration

Preschool Registration Form