Community Mentors

Being a mentor to a young person is one of the kindest and most rewarding things an adult can do. It is a special opportunity to share your knowledge and experience as well as watch the student grow and develop. Donating your time is the highest form of charitable giving. Mentors at Andrew CSD typically meet with students once per week during the school day. Mentors can help with homework, read with the student, play games and help to build positive relationships.

Andrew School Mentoring Program Is…

  • A voluntary program

  • can join at anytime but if you make a commitment would ask that you continue for the year.

  • A way for students to connect and build relationships with a trusted adult

  • A way to be proactive in increasing positive behaviors and leadership and reducing negative behaviors.

  • Building our sense of community and creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.  


  • Meet with student once per week

  • Possible meeting times include: lunch, before school at 7:40 or after school (possibility if student is in after school program), spend time during their recess (play a game outside with them)

  • Ideas could include lunch with the student, board games, reading, going to the gym

If you are interested in mentoring a student at Andrew School, please call the office at (563) 672-3221. or email