Dismissal Information
Dear Andrew Families,
Preparing for the end of the day for our students can be a very busy time. We have students who ride the bus, are picked up by their parents, walk home and attend our after school LEAP activities. Our staff is committed to ensuring that your student is safe and is headed to the correct place after school.
Our teachers have dismissal procedures in place in their classrooms and your student will be asked to be in the line that you indicated on the transportation form that was filled out during registration, unless you filled out a LEAP form, wrote a note in their communication notebook or called the office. If you would like to make a change at anytime to this form please call the office. If your student does not have a note or we don’t have a message from parents and your child communicates that they need to go home in a different manner, we will do our best to contact you; however, this is not always possible.
Our students who are picked-up by their parents or walk come to the front doors with teachers and then go to designated lines in the hallway by our gym. We have all students go to these lines and we call students individually to meet with their parents or designated adult. The reason we do this is so we can ensure that each child goes with the appropriate adult. Sometimes, a child sees their parents/adult that is picking them up when walking by; however, we still ask students to go to the line so we can call students individually. If we let all students go out the door in groups, it’s very difficult for our staff to confirm that students are with their appropriate adults.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our dismissal procedures. Again, it’s very helpful if there are any changes to how your student goes home to please let the office know or write a note in your child’s communication notebook.
Thank You for your support.
Tara Notz, Principal Andrew CSD