Cell Phone Policy
Dear Andrew Student Families,
I would like to take this opportunity to communicate our school district policy regarding cell phones in school as more and more students are bringing phones to school for a variety of reasons.
The district continues to follow the cell phone policy in the student handbook. This policy states that students may only use their cell phones before or after school or with permission of the office. If a student is staying at school for the LEAP program after school they may check their phone right after school but then will need to put their cell phone away while attending the after school program.  If a student is observed using their phone during the school day, the teacher will keep the phone until the end of the school day. After the second offense, parents will be required to pick up the cell phone in the office.  If the problem persists the teacher will remove the phone, contact parents and the student may have an additional consequence. If you need to reach your child for any reason during the school day you can leave a message with our office staff and we will be sure to share the message with your student right away.
Middle School students will be asked to leave their cell phones in their lockers during class time unless a teacher assigns free time and allows students to use their cell phone. Students may continue to have their cell phone out during lunch and then must return it to their locker.
We understand the need to communicate with your student while also working to ensure the learning environment stays focused on what’s happening in the classrooms.
Thank you for your support,
Tara Notz
Principal, Andrew Community School