School Supplies

Parents & Guardians,

Some of you have been asking us to see if we can upload our lists onto a site where you can simply do a couple of clicks and order all of your school supplies.   We have made this feature available this year.   It may be a little more expensive to do this feature so make sure you look at your price before you purchase.

Here are the directions:

1) Go onto 

2) Scroll down to the parent section and click "Find a List".

3) Select Iowa and type in Andrew Community School.

4) Select what grade you want.

5) Select what store you want to purchase the school supplies you want.

6) REVIEW YOUR CART!!  Make sure you look at the price, confirm the items are what you want, and edit your cart as you see fit.  Some items don't exactly match up with the vendors.

7) Confirm the purchase with the store you chose.