Joe Beckman to speak at Andrew CSD

JOE'S MESSAGE Joe's message to everyone is, "our schools are experiencing an unprecedented shift. Student loneliness is at an all-time high, while self worth and belonging are at all-time lows....


Snow Cones

Our staff prepping for an afternoon of rewarding our amazing students for accomplishing so much over the school year!🍧 ❄️ Snow Cones ❄️ 🍧


Live Feed

Demi Adrian

We can change the world with our kindness! Second grade finished up their guidance unit on kindness with a craft and identifying a few ways they could brighten someone’s day this holiday season! view image

about 2 hours ago | Demi Adrian
Erica Schmidt

The 4 year old morning preschool class crushed their goal of everyone being able to write their name correctly without a model! Our goal was by December 2019!! Miss Erica is so proud of all of them! Way to go preschoolers!! view image

about 2 hours ago | Erica Schmidt
Melissa Widel

The River Museum taught us about Pioneer life! The kids loved making butter and eating it on crackers. They enjoyed the relay race too! view image

about 13 hours ago | Melissa Widel
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