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Student Agency

Our vision with students is that we want to empower them to be leaders to create, communicate, and collaborate. The emphasis for Andrew CSD since 2012-2013 has been on leadership. 

To learn more about the Andrew Leadership program, click here
Key Components of our leadership program:
  • Personal goals and data accountability via Leadership Notebooks
  • Student led parent/teacher conferences
  • School wide leadership roles for students
  • Engaged learning around key leadership concepts
  • Ability to model digital leadership through social media
At Andrew, our students have a variety of leadership roles that include tech support, social media leaders, and video leaders. All of these different roles are various ways we engage students in technology and interweave it into our leadership culture. 

Andrew has partnered with the State of Iowa to offer online courses for JH students. We have had a number of students take Spanish I as middle school students and receive high school credit. This accelerates their ability to take college courses in high school. 

Andrew students engage in Google Apps content on a daily basis with their chromebooks. Students work each day in an environment that requires them to collaborate and function within a cloud based environment.