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The district has invested heavily in upgrading infrastructure the past several years. Below you will see our plan to maintain our infrastructure and improve areas in the future. 

2011 - 5 mbps, not connected via Fiber
2013 - Upgrade to 20 mbps, connected via Fiber
2015 - Upgrade to 40 mbps, connected via Fiber
2017 - Upgrade to 60 mbps, connected via Fiber

2007 - Airports placed throughout the building (gaps throughout the building)
2011 - Aruba Wireless installed to support a commercial WiFi set up (No gaps, every inch of school has a strong connection)
2016 - Upgrade to latest WiFI technology to support numerous connections (Chromebooks)

Server Management 
2011 - Transitioned to Google Apps and eliminated school webmail server and student file storage server
2011 - Transitioned to Google Sites maintained website and eliminated web server 
2013 - Transitioned to online student information system and eliminated student information server
2013 - Added a VOIP phone system that included running new CAT5 cabling to all classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms
2013 - Added a web based security system that allows access from the web and mobile devices
2014 - Added an on-site EdGenuity server to decrease bandwidth access for high speed curriculum videos
2015 - Replace library software server with an online cloud based system