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Empowered Teachers

Andrew's staff focuses on the ISTE Nets Standards as a measure of their use of technology in their instruction. Professional development is provided through face to face instruction, online learning opportunities, and conferences/workshops. 

Andrew will be transitioning to a teacher leadership compensation system in the future in which teachers will have formal leadership roles in the building to improve instruction and student achievement. 

As part of our leadership culture, staff engage in annual leadership development training. Currently the district is focused on delivering PD through the PLC teams in our district. 

We currently have two staff members who have been named Google Certified Teachers for their exceptional use of technology in schools. 

Andrew Teacher Leadership Compensation System: 

Leadership Roles
Mentor Teacher - Focused on creating high quality mentoring and induction experiences for new staff. 
Model Teacher - Focused on modeling best practice and providing opportunities for staff to learn from classroom observations. 
Curriculum Leader - Focused on improving curriculum and professional development in all classrooms. Mainly focused on reading and social studies. 
PD Coach - Focused on providing professional development for staff. Also is charged with supporting and coaching teachers in the implementation of PD. 
Data Coach - Focused on helping staff with data interpretation. The data coach will assist teachers with strategies for a multi tiered system of supports.