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Wednesday  September 14
DAY 19


Chili Billys                            Tac-Go 
Cheese Sandwich                 Apples
Corn                                    Milk
Apple Chunks, Banana Bars

PARENTS - We are aware that the JMC parent portal is not working. We are working to get it up and going by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience. 

Congratulations to Barbara Miller. Monday night she was a serving machine, serving 33 /33,  helping the 7th grade Hawks win 4 out of 5 games.

Congratulations goes out to our middle school cross country team! All members improved their times! Sam Peters and Katie Miller both finished with 5th place. Charles Hovey, Johnathan Ernst, Alex Eggers, and Zach Lanning cruised past the finish line knocking a minute or more off their previous best times. Will Bishop had a great first cross country race. He ran a smoothly and steadily keeping his teammates in sight. Keep up the awesome effort!

Please excuse volleyball players at 2:40 on Thursday for their game against NE.

CLASS MEETINGS wil be held on Friday Sept. 16 during Advisory Time. Meetings are to vote for Class Officers.
6th grade will meet in Mrs. Crozier's room
7th grade will meet in Mrs. Cornelius' room
8th grade will meet in Ms. Dursky's room

******* THURSDAY  WILL BE  A “D”  DAY. ******