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FRIDAY MARCH 23                                                                                                                 
DAY 143


TODAYS  LUNCH:                                  MONDAYS  BREAKFAST
Macaroni & Cheese                                       Cold Cereal
Green Beans                                             Toast
Butter Sandwich                                 Juice
Texas Cake

Here is the practice schedule for the middle school pops concert,
during 5th hour.
 Friday, March 23 – all vocal music 4-8 grade – gym
  Monday, March 26 – Band - all other 6-8 grade report to vocal music room.
  Tuesday, March 27 – Vocal grades 4-8 – gym

The 14th Little Hawk Basketball Tournament is this weekend (23 & 24).
Twenty- two teams are coming to Andrew to play ball! We are looking
for volunteers to       help out in the concession stand, at the door,
taking book and running the clock.      Let me know if  you can help. It's
one of the best hours (or two) you may have     this weekend. :)  Call
       Chris Cornelius at 563-590-7385, also there is a sign up    sheet in
the office.

6,7,8th girls and boys, there are softball/baseball and swim forms in
the office from the
YMCA pick up the forms in the office.

We also have Baseball & Softball forms from Bellevue for any students
(K – 8)  wanting to
play ball in Bellevue this summer. Pick up forms in the office.
Deadline for signing up is
March 30th.

REMINDER to students to PLEASE return the Lifetouch  pictures or the money. NOW.
You should know by now if you want to keep your pictures.

****** MONDAY  WILL BE  A “B” DAY ******