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DAY 77


Ham & Potato Soup                Waffles
Butter Sandwiches                Apples
Apple Slices                    Milk
Suzy Q Cake

Middle School Students we will be taking the middle school to a movie before the end of the quarter, you must be off the D/F list in order to be able to come along. 

CANDY CANE sales begin Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 8.  25 cents per candy cane, additional 25 cents to have it personally delivered in school. See any 8th grader.

FOOD DRIVE has started.  Goal for the whole school well be 700 items.
So far we have 124 items.
The following Students will pick  up items in the classrooms:
Thurs. Dec. 8       Sam Peters, Hope Hovey 
Fri. Dec. 9        Lucy Urbain, Brianna Goetzinger
Mon.  Dec. 12    Bret Gebhart, Mark Till
Tues. Dec. 13    Tori Dursky, Carli Strathman
Wed. Dec. 14    Bret Gebhart, Mark Till
Thur. Dec. 15    Lucy Urbain, Brianna Goetzinger
Fri. Dec. 16    Spenser Meyer, Jonathon Ernst

The fruit will arrive the week of Dec. 12th. We will be notified as soon as the truck arrival from Florida is confirmed and our delivery date is finalized. Please be watching the daily announcements.

There is a bag of lost and found clothes and etc. in the office. Please clam in the office. MOST of the things came from the GIRLS locker room. SO PLEASE come and check it out. Thanks

Just a reminder that TODAY Dec. 7 the JR. High St. Council will be going shopping for the Star program. Please excuse the following from 1-3.
Mark Till, Bret Gebhart, Sam Peters, Brianna Goetzinger, Lucy Urbain, Hope Hovey, Spenser Meyer, Carli  Strathman, Tori Dursky, and Jonathon Ernst.

JR. H. BOYS  will have a basketball meeting on Tues. Dec. 13, during Advisory time. Meeting will be held on the stage. You need to CHECK IN with your advisor first before coming to the meeting.
Sign up outside the office, you will need an up to date physical before you can start practice, also you need to pay your $30 Activity Fee.

******THURSDAY  WILL BE A “D “ DAY ******