September Minutes

Andrew Booster Club Meeting
September 12, 2011  

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 Next Booster Club meeting 6:30 p.m. in the school board room on 2nd floor.

Thursday, October 13th   Teacher Conferences.  Volunteers are needed.  We are looking for people to donate soup & sandwiches for a teacher supper and to help clean up.


Christy Schmidt, Margarette Bickel, Ruth & Ron Irwin, Andy Croizer, Karen Kilburg, Sheri Strathman, and Yvonne Weimerskirch.

Balance on Linda's Sheet:   $16,258.17
Booster Cushion:       -   6,000.00
Total Usable          $ 10,258.17

None $ 0 
                      Subtotal:      $ 0

REVENUE: Booster Auction
Silent Auction $1,212.00
Live Auction $1,225.00
Donations $ 190.50
50/50 $371.00

Horizon Lanes $100.00
-Donation for golf outing
   Total Revenue $3,108.50



Meeting called to order. Margarette reviewed the minutes from the August 22, 2011 meeting and Ruth gave the current financial report. 
Christy gave an update on the Booster Silent and Live Auction: 68 items were donated, 10 items went on the live auction, 14 families with children or grandchildren that attend school donated items – 9 of those families donated more than one item, 10 school employees donated items or made cash donations, 11 families of the community that have no children attending school donated items, and 6 businesses donated items. 

Members discussed next year possibly having desserts to sell at the auction. We would need to approach the Andrew Fire Department and get their permission to see if we could do this.

Members reviewed the request form and removed the travel section as this will not be apply or be reimbursed. It was discussed where this form would be available and how long in advance a request would need to be made. Members discussed having it filled out 7 days via e-mail before the meeting and it would be available on the school website under the Booster Tab or through the office.  Sherry Strathman mentioned Mrs. Petesch asked about the form for the Library as well as Mr. Crozier maybe doing a request for the new laptop tags.

The members discussed some changes in the By Laws as follows: 
It would be changed from a percent to a certain dollar amount (a goal of $10,000 with a cushion of $5,000). 
The quorum would be at least President & Treasurer present plus 3 other members.
To request funds under $500 can vote that night.
To request funds over $500 would be voted on at the next meeting. If something is needed to be purchased a PO (purchase order) can be done through the school and be billed to the Booster Club.

 Christy stated the concession stand worker list for Junior High Volleyball has been updated and filled out.


The members talked about possibly doing the Birdies for Charity fundraiser. Margarette will look into this and get the information for the next meeting. 

Ron talked about the King and Queen Basketball tournament and he is looking at having it on Thanksgiving weekend. Members also discussed a possible Volleyball Tournament Ron will talk with Tracey Till to help organize this and also maybe a bean bag tournament. 

The members talked about having a dinner for the teachers during conferences on October 13, 2011. Dessert will be provided by Carli Strathman. Thank you Carli!!  We will start serving from 4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. Teachers will then help themselves to soup and ham sandwiches as their schedules allow. Set-up will be Karen Kilburg and clean-up will be left to anyone who wants to volunteer. 


Members talked about placing a “Thank You” ad in the newspaper for the golf tournament. It was decided the ad will run in both the Maquoketa and Bellevue newspaper and in the Hawk Herald. Christy will do the ad for the golf outing. 

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m. in the board room on 2nd floor.  

Meeting Adjourned: Karen Kilburg motioned and Yvonne Weimerskirch seconded.

Distributed by:  Christy Schmidt/Margarette Bickel 9-26-11