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Administrative Update

posted Aug 26, 2011, 6:22 AM by
Last week, I contacted the Board of Education Examiners (Iowa’s Education license governing board), to get paperwork completed for my superintendent’s license. My previous position as Coordinator of Digital Learning Technology at Grant Wood AEA afforded me three years of administrative experience as licensure as a superintendent in Iowa requires. During my first year at Grant Wood AEA, I was eligible for a conditional administrative license but did not apply for one since it was not required by Grant Wood. The BOEE is now telling me that my first year at GWAEA will not count towards the minimum three years required for superintendent licensure, leaving me one year short due to not serving as an administrator with licensure for three years.

I’m currently asking the BOEE to grant me a waiver for my superintendent’s license for the 2011-2012 school year. We will not receive a decision until October on the waiver request. Since Iowa Code requires all public school districts to have a licensed superintendent on staff, the district will be assigning a Superintendent on an interim basis. This individual will work one day a week and will mainly focus on managing finances and guiding the board with district policy. 

I will continue to serve as K-8 Principal and Lead Administrator of the district. The Lead Administrator title encompasses supervision and management of transportation, nutrition, curriculum, facilities, and special education services. A portion of my salary will be used to cover the cost of the interim superintendent. If a waiver is not granted in October, I will assume the role of Superintendent/Principal in July 2012. 

Transparency regarding Andrew Schools is a top priority for me. Additionally, I will not risk the accreditation status of the district by continuing to serve as the Superintendent until the waiver request has been ruled on. When my family and I moved to Andrew, we obviously were not expecting to deal with this issue. With this change, our students in the district will not see one bit of difference in my role at Andrew Schools. They will still see me in the halls, classrooms, and other areas as Mr. Crozier.
Please know that I’m 100% committed to making Andrew Schools the highest achieving district in our area and one that is a positive learning environment for students.
If you have any questions about this change in duties, please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by the school to discuss it with me. Have a wonderful week. 

Andy Crozier